The year 2020 will signal and herald the start of a new decade with decision makers taking stock of their successes and continued challenges. As the new decade begins, the Abuja International Housing Show will join the global community to evaluate from a local perspective the social, political and economic legacy bequeathed to Nigeria’s housing sector. Its is reminiscent to note that in terms of development, our hopes of achieving “housing for all by the year 2000” would be 20 years late as we begin deliberations at AIHS 2020 and. It is in the importance of the landmark year 2020 that the AIHS has proposed its theme of the 14th edition as “Evaluating the Future of Housing Finance and its Core Mandates for 2020 and Beyond” The 2020 edition of the AIHS will be taking an exploratory look at the various emerging themes and mandates that are linked to housing finance and how these themes could help Nigeria attain our thus far elusive delivery of affordable housing. The emergent themes will include Impact, Sustainability, Inclusion, Population growth, Technological Innovation, Diversity and Inequality. Given the backdrop of Nigeria’s challenging macroeconomic environment and administrative experience leading up to the year 2020, the AIHS 2020 edition will evaluate Nigeria’s housing financing and development challenges and opportunities for the present and future under the following emergent global mandates and sessions;

Housing Impact & Investment: The AIHS and our sister advocacy platform HDAN believes in a future where housing finance and development will factor social and environmental impact into all types of investment decisions as the new normal across private and public sectors. In order to achieve this, the AIHS in 2020 at the 14th edition will be promoting discuss and engagement on the implementation of housing impact as a measurement standard for all investors and practitioners in the sector. In the Housing impact and investment sessions, the 14th edition will explore how impact can and will be built into the housing markets of today and the future. This session will seek to get investors and stakeholders to share insights on their activities and plans for ensuring and managing expected social and environmental consequences of housing investment decisions, their best practices and norms, use of data to inform impact policy/investment decisions, and driving impact policy adoption in housing finance markets in Nigeria.

Housing Product Development: The AIHS and HDAN also hopes to continue its advocacy on the need to connect capital markets to housing and also explore the huge potential to help make the Sustainable Development Goals achievable though a symbiotic relationship between housing and capital markets. The 14th edition will push the discuss the policy and actionable items that is required for wide-scale adoption of impact investing across housing value chain with its attendant impact on factors such as Urbanization, Income and Housing Product and Policy Choices. The AIHS sees the need to raise the awareness of Asset Custodians, Institutional Investors and Private Equity Investors as well as drive their interest to new impact investing opportunities that are becoming available through Housing Finance initiatives. The 14th edition of the AIHS will have Product Development sessions that will provide a snapshot of new products types and financing models currently in use or under development, that serve a range of impact goals and risk-return expectations from a local emerging and developed housing market perspectives.

Housing Market Development: The AIHS platform is a strong advocate for the symbiotic relationship between housing finance and impact investing geared towards the resolution of pressing social and environmental challenges by being a champion for growing investments effectively, to grow the supply of essential housing. As part of the Housing market development session during the 14th AIHS, stakeholders, investors and participants will explore how to more effectively and efficiently contribute to the success of the housing finance market and be charged with the responsibility of increasing the pipeline of available housing policy and investment development opportunities. The Housing Market Development Sessions will tackle various points of intersection between stakeholders along the housing value chain and impact investment issues covering areas like housing investment policies, technological innovations, cooperative housing investment management, and housing investment risk management etc.

Housing & Mortgage Inclusion: The AIHS has been in the forefront of Addressing social and economic inequalities through housing as a common denominator for both investors and offtakers in respect to measuring social impact and investment returns. The AIHS in its 14th year also understands that Nigeria like most emerging markets is becoming more unequal, challenges persist in how to advance towards a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive society particularly issues like affordable housing is concerned. THE AIHS will promote this session on exploring critical factors like Housing and Mortgage Inclusion, Home Ownership Diversity and Equity in Housing Finance delivery all targeted at reviewing the opportunities combining notions like inclusion, diversity and equity with housing finance delivery strategies while addressing the challenges that investors face as well as existing strategies, policies and innovative approaches on the issue of housing inclusion.

Housing & Sustainability: The AIHS is a major advocate for balancing the housing need with the protection of the environment for future generations. The trustees and think tanks for the AIHS and Housing Development Advocacy network (HDAN) are abreast of the data on global warming and the deteriorating conditions under the ‘business-as-usual’ scenario in which housing development has thus far been delivered in opposition to the growing need to meet climate goals as well as combat flooding and other disasters. The AIHS 14th edition will explore these issues as part of the Housing and Sustainability session to review policies, innovations and financing opportunities as part of discussions on Climate & the Environment. The session will avail stakeholders, investors and climate and sustainability practitioners the opportunity to discover available and emerging housing investment solutions in both developing and developed markets, targeted at tackling climate change mitigation and adaptation, and explore how capital can lead the way in meeting the targets laid out in the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals while delivering on housing needs in Nigeria.

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